Seeking Resolve™ The Conflict Lab

Seeking Resolve™ is The Teagarden Group’s flagship program offering instruction and skill development in constructive conflict technique at the interpersonal, group, and/or organizational level. Active, real-world conflict is examined in a confidential lab setting that allows disputants to safely and creatively work toward a mutually satisfactory resolution to their disagreements.

Skilled Intervention

The Teagarden Group offers third party intervention services for interpersonal conflict that has derailed a negotiation process, a group project, a business partnership, a family, or a friendship. Wherever two or more people work together, conflict is inherent. We often handle conflict in destructive, rather than constructive ways. Our intervention services allow parties to experience […]

Analysis and Inquiry

The Teagarden Group conducts formal analysis of conflict for disputants, groups and/or organizations, as well as, third-party facilitation, formulation, and negotiation. Following proven methodologies for unearthing the foundational interests of the various parties to a dispute, our analysis creates clarity and increases the options for mutually satisfying agreements.