When does a disagreement turn disruptive?

When there is insubordination. When there is turbulence on the team. When there is bullying, verbal or physical violence, rancor. A disagreement has turned disruptive when the folks involved spend too much time fighting … when work isn’t getting done.

This happens more than you think. But, we don’t really see it. Why? Because we expect that fighting (bickering, squabbling, wrangling) is normal. It comes on slowly. We don’t want to get involved. We think it will go away. Management should do something about it. Or, folks just need to communicate better. And, anyway, we don’t really know what to do.

Conventional wisdom holds we all want peace. Isn’t it funny then how frequently, and often for years, we are willing to stay in seriously dysfunctional situations?

When the disagreement at work has become disruptive, what does it cost you?