Going to War

Juxtaposition … that great literary technique of masters like Faulkner … permeated our lives at The Teagarden Group yesterday. At Rotary, we honored Veterans. Their pictures adorned our meeting hall: recent inductees to the North Carolina Military Veterans Hall of Fame. In the afternoon, we talked with Patricia Shafer, founder of Mothering Across Continents and NewGen Peacebuilders, about her work in Africa, and the state of global peace building.

At home, I played through the intro to Battlefield V with my teenage son. I was moved to tears. Next week, the game goes live, and he and I will go to war together.

And, this morning I woke up with several compelling curiosities, born of juxtaposition, and one knowing. The curiosities I’ll explore as a series over the coming weeks as I play through the game with my son. The knowing is this: my son experiences no cognitive dissonance at going from a peace building and Armistice Day conversation over dinner, to an immersive war role play afterward. I know why … to him, these are all just stories.