It’s time to get moving

Conflict is everywhere. And, it keeps us stuck. It keeps us from inventing. From moving forward. From leaping. Conflict in organizations saps our drive, drains our creativity, and leaves us depleted. Conflict at home breaks our hearts, steals our joy, and robs us of nurturance.

Conflict is at the heart of all change. And, change is required when our market shifts. When our competition launches a new product. When we luck into the big opportunity. When retaining top talent is imperative.

Conflict at home is born of change. Change is required when divorce decimates family rituals and routines. When we undertake care of aging parents. When we hand the car keys to our teenager. When downsizing makes tough decisions mandatory.

Resolving conflict clears the way and gets things moving. Resolving brings a fresh start. New ideas. New energy. Possibility. Accomplishment. Resolve get the change made. Settles the dispute. Stops the in-fighting. Implements the strategic plan that’s been sitting on the shelf.

Some conflict is healthy. Some isn’t. Harnessing creativity introduces healthy conflict that results in innovation. Resolving disruptive conflict introduces calm that results in growth.

A fresh approach to organizational consulting

Peace at work. What becomes possible in the absence of disruptive conflict? Teams that refuse to permit bad behavior create a virtuous cycle, an upward momentum toward greater achievement. Teams that settle their differences and get agreement create new energy, a forward burst that results in growth.

The Teagarden Group engages in organizational and leadership development solution design and implementation that works. We facilitate business growth through expert organization science that includes the powerful resolve elements of negotiation, mediation, conflict management, peace building, and reconciliation. Combining organization science with conflict science powers up our solutions and levels up your game, your team, and your company.

The Teagarden Group’s organizational consulting is also an invaluable way to step off the path to lawyering-up. Our expertise is sought to resolve disagreements within and between organizations, inside a family business, between partners or owners, or on a board of directors. Using our ability to mediate and to formulate effective options in negotiation, we are often asked to broker an alternative to moving to suit when all parties are willing.

A new option for family disruption and disagreement

Peace at home. What would it be like to relax after work in a calm home? Families that refuse to permit chaos create an environment that raises the odds of dreams getting realized. Hobbies bloom into bootstrapped businesses. Teenagers find safety to become who they’re born to be. Small children rest and play. And, parents get the chance to delight in the home they’ve worked so hard to pay for.

The Teagarden Group engages in third-party facilitation and resolution for families and friends in conflict or change. In our private lives, we face a complexity of relationships that is unprecedented at a time when a balanced perspective is elusive. Often, all that is needed is the presence of a neutral third party to bring balance and inventiveness to the situation. Many families find the only option for a non-involved and highly skilled helping point-of-view is a lawyer or a therapist. But, many disagreements require neither a legal opinion, nor a mental health diagnosis. At The Teagarden Group, we are trained to know the difference, and will service as your third side, or refer you to a more appropriate helping professional as your situation may require. In addition, The Teagarden Group has completed successful engagements with many family businesses effectively cutting through the complexity present when family and business mix.

Peace of mind

The Teagarden Group,LLC is an conflict management consultancy dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive conflict intervention, resolution, organizational development, and interpersonal third-party services. We resolve organizational conflict. We resolve family conflict. We resolve interpersonal conflict. We clear the way and get things moving.

Our experts conduct customized, independent and unbiased conflict resolution engagements for your company or your family with precision and efficiency, specifically:

The Teagarden Group, LLC is a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) through the Small Business Administration (SBA) serving NAICS Codes:

541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541612: Human Resources Consulting Services

541990: All other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

611430: Professional and Management Development Training

The Teagarden Group, LLC is a member of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance.


Dr. Elizabeth Teagarden is founder & president of The Teagarden Group. An admitted member of both the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Dr. Teagarden earned her undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University, her masters from the University of Memphis, and her doctorate from North Carolina State University.

An active  and lifelong Rotarian, Dr. Teagarden is involved in Rotary’s many Peace Building efforts, including the Rotarian Action Group for Peace. In addition, she is a member of the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence (APA), the International Association for Conflict Management, Mediators Beyond Borders International, and the International Association of Facilitators. As an active scholar-practitioner, Dr. Teagarden both conducts and applies research in real-world conflict settings. Current research topics include assessment use in executive coaching and case study research on conflict in professional service firms.

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