We examine conflict from within the following three primary domains and their overlap.

Decision Making – Did the conflict arise out of a past or current failure in decision-making?

One of the earliest definitions in the academic study of conflict held that conflict is essentially a failure in decision-making. The Teagarden Group’s proprietary approach to handling your conflict centers on decisions – past, present, future. To the extent that the decisions are made in a sound way, we increase the odds that a satisfying solution to the disagreement can be articulated.

Negotiation – Did the conflict arise out of a lack of skill in negotiation?

The resolution of conflict always involves negotiation. But, most of us are terrible at negotiation. The Teagarden Group recognizes that the science and the art of negotiation is not yet widely disseminated. We help our clients understand what effective negation strategies and skills are required for success resolution to their disputed issues. We also emphasize and support our clients’ needs to learn and develop their skill with negotiation.

Critical Thinking – Did the conflict arise out of a failure to recognize faulty cognition?

Some level of mutual understanding is required to move a dispute to resolution. The Teagarden Group’s consultants are experts in spotting the presence of errors in thinking that deepen unnecessary misunderstandings in a conflict. Logical fallacies, tacit assumption, unspoken beliefs and values, and facts versus subjective opinion all contribute to keeping a conflict stuck at best, or escalating at worst.