We are a conflict resolution consultancy.
We solve. We teach. We coach. We facilitate. We mediate.
For almost a decade, we’ve helped resolve disruptive disagreements
in high-stakes relationships in the workplace and in the home:
business owners & partners, family businesses & family offices, workplace teams, boards of directors, families, siblings, marriages, and friendships.

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Understand the real reasons and find solutions – personality testing, assessment & analysis

  • 85% of workers deal with some level of conflict
  • 29% of workers deal with conflict constantly
  • 12% of workers frequently witness conflict among the senior team
  • 27% of workers have seen conflicts lead to personal attacks

Get help for your group – facilitation & mediation

  • 75% of workers who develop conflict management and dispute resolution competency experience positive outcomes when in conflict
  • 41% developed a better understanding of others
  • 81% of US workers found a better solution to the workplace problem

Become an expert Resolver – workshops & coaching

  • 60% of US workers have never received basic conflict training
  • 90% report conflict training positively helped to navigate conflict
  • 85% report more proactivity in conflict and take disputes less personally after gaining conflict skills

Conflict is everywhere.
Let’s make it better.