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The Teagarden Group
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Much like our commitment to client education, the mediation process is woven throughout every client engagement. While this term has become closely associated with the legal process of settling lawsuits out of court, mediation is fundamentally a process for resolving conflict in which mutually acceptable third party intervenes to assist the disputants in getting to agreement on contested issues. The Teagarden Group follows validated processes for all our mediation work.

Peace Education

Peace Education is woven throughout every client engagement. We are deeply involved in peace building organizations and peace research. And, we believe one of the best ways to understand a complex phenomenon like conflict is to understand its opposite. We want our clients to be armed with the best information about what works, and what doesn’t in conflict situations. Much of conventional wisdom simply doesn’t create good results. Conventional wisdom certainly fails to provide disputants with effective prescriptions for getting to resolution.

Conflict Analysis

Good solutions start with good information. Our analysis follows proven methodologies for getting to the heart of the issues embedded in disruptive disputes. Disputants can use the Conflict Analysis to make sound decisions about how to move toward resolution of the issues surfaced. We also offer personality testing and other assessments to enrich the analysis with science-based insight into personality conflicts, cultural and behavioral-styles misunderstanding, and lack of effective communication technique.


In the majority of our engagements, clients do not have the option of parting ways after an agreement is brokered. In the workplace, we have to find a way to work together again. In our personal lives, we may have continuing interdependencies that require some level of respectful interaction. Furthermore, we have to find a way to uphold the agreements we have just made. Bitterness, rancor and retribution are all very real possibilities after a disruptive disagreement has occurred. The Teagarden Group’s approach seeks to incorporate the highest level of reconciliation for the parties that makes sense in any given engagement.


Facilitation means “to make easier.” All conflict needs facilitating. The presence of a third party point-of-view is crucial to moving forward. The presence of a facilitator increases trust between parties, insures a fair process is followed, and brings issues to closure.


Negotiation is both a science and an art. Our experts assist clients with negotiation assessment, preparation, formulation (conceiving and proposing new solutions), and coaching.